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I've always loved collecting things since I was small. Japanese merchandise is no exception, as I really enjoy PVCs, figmas, nendoroids, straps/keychains, etc. This page is probably the true meaning of "Fate Hell" (well, in addition to the gacha, anyway)—AKA my Fate merchandise collection!

So, the panorama above showcases my main set-up as of May 2019 (you can click for a larger image). I live in a small apartment right now, but I'm trying my best to keep things together/organized on and around my desk. The only things missing from the photo above are my Fate/Apocrypha goods (excluding straps) and a few miscellaneous acrylic stands that are in other spots around the room.

Feel free to check out my Fate tag on MyFigureCollection profile to see a complete list of everything that I own, including figures, goods and media. Note once you are on the site you can click on "owned," "ordered," and "wished."

Main Collections

I certainly do own a ridiculous amount of merchanidse... With that being said, I do have a few characters I focus on more than others: Gilgamesh, Emiya, and Medusa. You can see some close-up images below (click the crops to see full images):

You may also notice from the panorama that I'm building smaller collections for Sakura, Mash, Jeanne Alter and Artoria Alter to varying degrees. I will add some photos in the coming months once I get a few items on my ordered list.

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