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Journey - History

I originally got into Fate/Stay Night back in 2007(ish)—I can't quite remember the exact timeframe, but know it was late high school. I really enjoyed the premise, use of historical/mythological characters and many of the characters (especially Archer and Rin). I was into it for a while, however eventually moved on to other games and anime series. Fast forward to mid-December 2017 when I'm laying on the couch and flipping through things to watch on Netflix. I happen to see the first season of Fate/Apocrypha and decide to give it a try. There has been no turning back since...

Starting Fate/Grand Order

I had seen plenty of merchandise and images of Fate/Grand Order on social media, so I decided to download it to give it a try since I was enjoying Apocrypha. I was also really interested in Jeanne Alter and Scathach based on images I saw. Up until that point, I had tried a handful of mobile games and never quite understood the hype around them. Why spend time and money on a game that will eventually no longer be available? I had more or less gotten bored of all the other games that I tried and never was very invested. This was not the case at all for Fate/Grand Order. I can't even tell you why it was different. Maybe it was because I was watching all the anime series at the same time—Apocrypha, Zero, Unlimited Blade Works, etc. Or maybe it was because I love the idea of the servant system (er, that sounds weird out of context, but what I really mean is the idea of having a partner that is kind of like a spirit). Whatever it was, Fate/Grand Order has been my primary hobby ever since. Naturally I don't love every aspect of the Fate franchise, but it's been my favorite series since December 2017!

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