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Journey - Looking Ahead

As much as I enjoy the content and the many favorite servants I have currently in Fate/Grand Order, I can't help but look ahead to see what's coming down the pike based on the order of events in the Japanese version. Rather than using my silly list on paper, I decided it'd be useful to document what I'm looking forward to here on this page. Please note that the timeframes listed are estimated based on the Japanese version and have not been confirmed for the English version at this time!

Servants to Save For (2020)

Well, I might not always do a great job of saving, however, these servants are the ones on rate-up between now and December 2020 that I really, really would like to get. I'm hoping this list will remind me to resist temptation to roll otherwise!! Hover over the images for details.


New Story and Events (January - June 2020)

JUNE 2020
GUDA GUDA Teito Seihai Kitan - I have been waiting to see Ryouma and Izou in action almost since I got into FGO—I seriously can't wait!! *Grail event!

Dead Heat Summer Wars Re-Run - This was an awful event that I didn't enjoy at all, but certainly need the items and it'll be another chance for me to get Maid Alter!

We will see how the months above go—I am certainly looking forward to things beyond what is listed given that Fate/Grand Order continues to stay active, but one day at a time!

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